Ratings Archive: WALTER & EMILY (Season 1)

walter-emily-s1-logoLook at the numbers of this show from 1991, and be astounded that shows like this were cancelled with numbers like these. WALTER & EMILY was close to getting a 20 percent share throughout its short-lived season, yet NBC was unhappy with the sitcom’s performance, and shitcanned it at the end of the season, albeit the network having given it a good-enough chance to find a bigger audience in late 1991/early 1992. Apparently Cloris Leachman and Brian Keith weren’t audience grabbers in the beginning of the final decade of the 20th century.

At this point in time, the show is pretty much forgotten and being fed dust somewhere in the ABC Studios archives (it was produced by then-Touchstone). Maybe people will try to remember the show during imminent Cloris Leachman eulogies (not wanting to sound like an asshole here, but she is an old woman, and at one point she is going to die), but there is pretty much no chance this 3-month piece of television history will ever see the light of day again – except of course someone on this planet finds old episodes on their VHS tapes. Because since Matthew Lawrence was involved in the project as well (and I know his face, even though I’m generally not interested in what the guy stars in), I might want to take a peek into WALTER & EMILY.

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