Ratings Archive: HOUSE, M.D. (Season 1)

house-md-s1-logoBefore there was HOUSE, M.D. as you know it, there was HOUSE, M.D. that wasn’t a ratings killer. When the show premiered in 2004, FOX most likely didn’t anticipate how the show would rise in the ratings and be in many mouths and in many top lists of the year. The show wasn’t a hit, because it started late in the 2004/2005 season. The show wasn’t a hit in the beginning, because FOX decided not to wait for AMERICAN IDOL to premier in January and pair HOUSE, M.D. with the singing competition from the beginning. The show wasn’t a hit, because the numbers might have been skewed, when it was finally aired out of Simon Cowell and his friendly judges telling hobby singers they might wanna take the ticket to go to Hollywood. HOUSE, M.D. became a hit, when it was 2005, and all of a sudden Americans were interested in the show, even though it already aired for two months.

The ratings in the target demo rose 100 percent in 2005, and even went up another close to 50 percent over the course of the second half of the season. It took two weeks to air out of AMERICAN IDOL to raise the viewership numbers to more than 100 percent as well, in addition to climb a couple more million throughout the rest of the season. And HOUSE, M.D. even managed to air its season finale with the highest numbers of the entire season. At the beginning, one might have thought the numbers were skewed. But at the end, it was evident that HOUSE, M.D. was able to carry itself, since the numbers were continuously rising, even for the finale. Generally speaking, it’s rare for a show to do that, even when it had a ratings killer of a lead-in program.

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