Ratings Archive: 2 BROKE GIRLS (Season 2)

2-broke-girls-s2-logoI interrupt the usual way of choosing the shows I wanna archive here and continue with a first second season, because why should I be waiting for another year to post second-season numbers, even if they are as uninteresting are those of 2 BROKE GIRLS. The first season of the CBS sitcom turned out to be a success, albeit the ratings for the series opener were skewed due to TWO AND A HALF MEN introducing Ashton Kutcher before. So, it was not only obvious that the season two average of 2 BROKE GIRLS would be down, just because of the skewed numbers of the pilot, but down generally, because that’s how shows live on television (except you’re THE X-FILES, 24, ER, CSI, HOUSE M.D., or some other show I still need to discover).

CBS let the show live on on Mondays, where it was solid enough to never outright fall flat. Like the last few episodes of the first season, the first part of the second season had less than ten million viewers, but the viewership numbers would eventually rise, and deliver nearly 12.5 million viewers mid-season, a high that was reached last time in December 2011. But the viewership average of the season went down 12.4 percent, while the target demo took a bit of a bigger hit, tanking 21.5 percent. While a 12% loss of viewers can be survived easily, the disappearance of one fifth of the target audience was more worrisome. 2 BROKE GIRLS started with great numbers though, and the fall to oblivion was a long one. Yet, the show commenced falling with the second season, even if a 3.4 ratings average in the target demo in year two still looks quite golden.

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Ratings Archive: 2 BROKE GIRLS (Season 1)

2-broke-girls-s1-logoIt doesn’t happen often when you put the premiere of your brand new sitcom behind the season premiere of a much talked-about sitcom, waiting to crush the ratings again, because as it happened, the former star of that sitcom just went crazy. It is most likely forgotten already that 2 BROKE GIRLS premiered out of Ashton Kutcher’s first episode on TWO AND A HALF MEN, giving the CBS show about the titular girls with no money at all a chance to impress viewers right out of the gate. And it sort of worked. Granted, 2 BROKE GIRLS could only hold two thirds of the TWO AND A HALF MEN audience for the 9:30pm premiere, but the 9:00pm numbers were so huge, it nearly didn’t matter for CBS and 2 BROKE GIRLS.

After that, the show went to its regular timeslot on 8:30pm, solidifying its existence in the crowded Monday schedule and getting regular 4.0+ ratings in the sought-after demographic. Of course the numbers dwindled down a little starting with the spring months, but that seems to be the norm these days. As long as your one-hour season finale is not the lowest-rated episode of the season, everything is fine – that’s the unwritten rule. Unfortunately for 2 BROKE GIRLS, they didn’t care much, and its season finale became the lowest-rated episode of the season. One battle lost. But the show stayed on and became something of a solid fighter in the CBS sitcom slate.

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