christmas-incorporated-logoWell, the numbers couldn’t rise continuously. At one point Hallmark’s Christmas movies under their yearly “Countdown to Christmas” banner had to sink, and it finally happened with CHRISTMAS INCORPORATED, a story about a man who inherits a toy factory in a small town, which needs to stay open to keep the town alive. But since this is an 83-minute movie, the man is obviously thinking about closing the store and ruining everyone’s Christmas. It turns out, the Christmas spirit, and a woman, keep him from destroying white people’s lives. CHRISTMAS INCORPORATED found its premiere airing on Sunday, November 15, 2015, and collected 3.161 million viewers, which was close to a half million viewers fewer than the previous day’s offering I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS. It was still considerable more successful with viewers than Hallmark’s first “Countdown to Christmas” movie ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE, which got close to 2.4 million viewers almost two months before Christmas (aka two weeks prior to this movie).

Among adults 18-49, CHRISTMAS INCORPORATED was strong though – with a 0.58, it was the highest-rated Christmas original of the season so far (beating out the previous week’s offering CHARMING CHRISTMAS), and with men older than 50, Hallmark was #1 again, if THE WALKING DEAD wouldn’t have aired (the movie delivered a 2.10), but it was down considerable, compared to any other Hallmark Christmas movie of the season, except ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE. The mystery of fluctuations between different demographics continue…


im-not-ready-for-christmas-logoThe whites-only basic cable network Hallmark was in the middle of a roll when they started their 2015 Countdown to Christmas movie marathon. The ratings were constantly climbing over the course of three movies, and it was only a question of time until one of these 83-minute white romance stories would fall flat for the viewers. Well, I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS wasn’t that movie, and the numbers continued to climb. On November 14, 2015, at 8:00pm, 3.601 million viewers tuned in to see how Alicia Witt gets her white man for Christmas, and the large amount of people tuned in, because they most likely wanted to watch anything else than breaking news alerts.

The night before, the Paris terror attacks happened, and the news coverage brought a lot of viewers to CNN, giving a rise to fear some white Americans probably didn’t want to go to bed with. Among adults 18-49, I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS delivered a 0.47 rating (down 0.03 points compared to Hallmark’s last Christmas offering CHARMING CHRISTMAS, probably showing that most of the young audience was still following the news, or watched College Football). Among men older than 50, Hallmark broke above their average once more, delivering a rating of 2.67 (plus 0.36 compared to aforementioned Christmas offering). Through the entire demographics, Alicia Witt and George Stults managed to grab a great number of viewers, bringing Hallmark joy, and a couple more reason why they should never stop making movies with white people only.


charming-christmas-logoThe 2015 Christmas season couldn’t have started any better for Hallmark. Okay, maybe with a lot more audience it could have been better, but the third Christmas-themed movie in their 2015 Christmas season clearly outperformed the previous two entries, giving rise to the theory that people really want to see Christmas movies in November. CHARMING CHRISTMAS starred out favorite genre love Julie Benz, playing a very uptight business woman for the Rossman’s department store. She usually never makes time for love and Christmas, but one night she had to don the suit of Mrs. Claus and play nice. And all of a sudden everything around her was playing nice, including her love interest, who donned the Santa suit with her. CHARMING CHRISTMAS aired on Sunday, November 8, 2015, and everyone involved in the movie’s production woke up with a smile, when the ratings were released.

3.295 million viewers tuned in. Granted, that’s nothing compared to the 0.019 million viewers less that previous night’s offering ICE SCULPTURE CHRISTMAS brought, but the rating among adults 18-49 climbed to a good-looking 0.50. Against hardcore competition like THE WALKING DEAD and THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, the numbers looked pretty good, especially the 2.31 of Men 50+, which was only second to THE WALKING DEAD that night. Against Hallmark’s movie from the previous week, ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE, the numbers looked golden. And now the question rose whether Hallmark was able to continue the rise of the numbers with their fourth Christmas offering of that season: I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS, airing that following Saturday.


ice-sculpture-christmas-logoWe continue the series of “Christmas-themed movies on the Hallmark Channel” with another entry, and this time an entry with a rather weird title. It’s almost like the producers decided to just splash the word ‘Christmas’ into the title, when they realized that the title isn’t generating a reason for Hallmark viewers to tune in. Anyway, Brenda Strong, mostly known for killing herself in the opening minutes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, starred in this movie, together with Hallmark pretty people Rachel Boston (I know her from THE EX LIST, mostly) and David Alpay. In this version of holiday cheers, Rachel Boston’s character, a Chef, decides to reconnect with her childhood friend (and apparent future lover), who then enters her into an ice sculpting contest, during which she has to compete against her boss. Sounds dramatic? Well, consider the fact that there was no consent in this story at all.

The movie aired on Saturday, November 7, 2015, and it turned out to be a quite successful entry in their holiday-themed movies. 3.276 million viewers tuned in, which pushed the movie above average in the time slot. So did the 0.43 ratings points with adults 18-49. And as usual, Hallmark also celebrated success with men older than 50 – in this case, the rating climbed up to 2.35, and I can tell you it is a fact that Hallmark and ICE SCULPTURE CHRISTMAS won with Men 50+ that night, which didn’t have a lot of interesting competition (pretty much just College Football). Compared to ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE, the first Christmas-themed movie of Hallmark’s 2015 Christmas season, which aired six days prior, the viewership raised by close to 29 percent, and the A18-49 rating was upped by nearly 50 percent.


tis-the-season-for-love-logo‘Tis the season for Christmas holiday movies. I’m pretty sure I will have to get through one Christmas-themed movie after another over the course of the next eight weeks. If it weren’t for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, Americans wouldn’t be able to watch forgettable Christmas movies for two months, and TV stars, who were unlucky with their quickly cancelled TV shows, were at least hired to lead two-hour Christmas romance movies that really were just easily written romantic comedies produced for $1 million, maybe less. Also, let it be said that the Christmas season is beginning, if Hallmark managed to air a Christmas-themed movie on November 1, 2015. ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE starred Sarah Lancaster (of CHUCK fame, and who also was unlucky with her quickly canned show WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, which I kind of liked), who, after a ten-year spell on Broadway, decides to return to her hometown for the holiday season, wanting to change up her life a little bit and find purpose. And love, of course.

The Hallmark Original movie opening up their November of 2015 brought forward 2.346 million viewers on a Sunday night, which was a success for Hallmark. It might have only had a rating of 0.30 with adults 18-49, but it was the seventh most-watched original program on cable television that day (which was led by THE WALKING DEAD, of course). Then again, ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE delivered sort of average ratings numbers for Hallmark, with the exception of, surprise, men over 50, where the movie delivered a rating of 1.74 (if it weren’t for THE WALKING DEAD and the NASCAR race on NBC Sports, it would have nearly been the highest-rated program in that demo).