im-not-ready-for-christmas-logoThe whites-only basic cable network Hallmark was in the middle of a roll when they started their 2015 Countdown to Christmas movie marathon. The ratings were constantly climbing over the course of three movies, and it was only a question of time until one of these 83-minute white romance stories would fall flat for the viewers. Well, I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS wasn’t that movie, and the numbers continued to climb. On November 14, 2015, at 8:00pm, 3.601 million viewers tuned in to see how Alicia Witt gets her white man for Christmas, and the large amount of people tuned in, because they most likely wanted to watch anything else than breaking news alerts.

The night before, the Paris terror attacks happened, and the news coverage brought a lot of viewers to CNN, giving a rise to fear some white Americans probably didn’t want to go to bed with. Among adults 18-49, I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS delivered a 0.47 rating (down 0.03 points compared to Hallmark’s last Christmas offering CHARMING CHRISTMAS, probably showing that most of the young audience was still following the news, or watched College Football). Among men older than 50, Hallmark broke above their average once more, delivering a rating of 2.67 (plus 0.36 compared to aforementioned Christmas offering). Through the entire demographics, Alicia Witt and George Stults managed to grab a great number of viewers, bringing Hallmark joy, and a couple more reason why they should never stop making movies with white people only.


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