Ratings Archive: 3 LBS (Season 1)

3-lbs-logo CBS promoted their next medical drama as the “next best medical drama”, which happened to replace the short-lived drama SMITH, which was only on the air for three episodes. As this “next best medical drama” turned out to be a bust as well, CBS also cancelled 3 LBS, effectively giving CBS some nightmares , because two of their dramas have been killed within weeks. 3LBS starred Stanley Tucci and mark Feuerstein, portraying brain surgeons, and therefore giving interested viewers an opportunity to take a peek inside a medical business no one really cared about.

The original pilot starred Dylan McDermott and Reiko Aylesworth, giving the latter a chance to continue starring on television, after her beloved character on 24 got killed off in a car explosion in the Fall of 2005. But as it seems, McDermott and Aylesworth were the lucky ones, since they don’t have to be connected with a quickly cancelled show. CBS was patient enough to still air another episode, after the ratings for episode 2 already dropped a little bit, but after the third week, the network pulled the plug, and everyone else forgot about the show. The five unaired episode have been made available on Amazon Unbox, meaning 3 LBS was at least good enough to be burned off somewhere outside of television.

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