Ratings Archive: SCARLETT

scarlett-logoThe sequel to GONE WITH THE WIND founds its way to CBS in 1994, in the form of an 8-hour miniseries, aired over the course of five days, which seems to be a rare thing to do for broadcast networks. Spanning a six-year storyline, SCARLETT dealt with its titular heroine on a mission to win back her dashing husband, but not without living through some emotional moments and live events in the process. For miniseries standards, SCARLETT was a complex shoot, filming in more than 50 locations domestic and international, and housing a very juicy cast of big names, with Joanne Whalley-Kilmer leading the ensemble that consisted of Timothy Dalton, Sean Bean, Camden predator Stephen Collins, Colm Meaney, Annabeth Gish, Jean Smart, Ray McKinnon (the guy who created RECTIFY, your favorite-ever Sundance original series) and Paul Winfield, and that’s just the names I know and can connect with a face.

The miniseries was a smashing success for CBS. Even though the airing of the first part (on a Sunday) was the highest-rated of the four-pack, the miniseries stayed constantly high in the charts following the first part, and constantly solid as well. I guess when Americans knew they could start watching a series, knowing it will end in a couple of days, they will tune in.

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