Ratings Archive: THE INVADERS

the-invaders-logoFOX’s 1995 remake of the 1960s science-fiction alien invasion show THE INVADERS aired as a two-part event on Sunday, November 12 and Tuesday, November 14, 1995. While the two-season show was suddenly cancelled, even though it sort of delivered a round ending (maybe it didn’t, I just read that from Wikipedia), FOX’s version was only three hours long and starred future Enterprise captain Scott Bakula, who is the one person on this planet to stop the titular invaders, before they destroy the Earth, because maybe that’s what all alien invaders wanna do at some point.

As usual, two-part miniseries were able to get higher ratings with the second part for some reason (someone needs to do research on that, because why would people watch a second part when they haven’t watched the first part, especially in the 1990s?), but THE INVADERS, which is also known under the title “The New Invaders”, did not manage to be part of that series of ratings successes. THE INVADERS lost two and a half million viewers over the two days, though the ratings were still acceptable enough for FOX to consider the miniseries “mediocre”. As FOX only seemed to have with their sitcoms on Sundays and THE X-FILES, any program that pushes FOX off the bottom 10 of the weekly Nielsen charts could be considered a major success. And THE INVADERS did exactly that, though the second part was close to kissing the bottom rows.

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