Ratings Archive: PROJECT RUNWAY: JUNIOR (Season 1)

project-runway-junior-s1-logoI guess I won’t have any trouble at all filling this blog with ratings PDFs, when cable networks were shitting out one show after another during the second decade of the 21st century, and as soon as one of the shows is successful enough, a spin-off has to air immediately. I haven’t looked at any ratings of PROJECT RUNWAY yet, but here are the first-season ratings of its teenage spin-off, which decided to take a look at how minors make it in the world of fashion, pretty much forcing them into the same world like their adult versions. Okay, I haven’t seen a single episode of PROJECT RUNWAY, but from what I know and have seen on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (I actually watched an entire season of that show), the fashion world doesn’t make you a nice person. By the way: PROJECT RUNWAY: JUNIOR is the eight (!) direct spin-off of PROJECT RUNWAY. Talking about airing a show to death…

For Lifetime, PROJECT RUNWAY: JUNIOR was solid enough. Not quite successful to smash any kind of ratings record, but successful enough to not crash and burn. Lifetime might have been unable to up the timeslot average on Thursdays, but viewers were obviously interested in teens making clothes for pretty people only. On the plus side: The season, which was interrupted by the holidays in December 2015, ended on a high note. Also: Even though the viewers crashed down below one million viewers at one point, the ratings stayed steady. It looks like Lifetime has another show on their hands they can air to death. A second season was ordered.

Click me to the ratings


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