Ratings Archive: GEEK CHARMING

geek-charming-logoThe Disney Channel decided on November 11, 2011 that the geeks shall inherit the Earth. In this version of the old geek/popular love story, the popular girl drops a designer handbag into a mall fountain, and the geek, who wants to shoot a documentary in his school, picks it up. Love ensues, and at the end GEEK CHARMING, which is based on the same-titled novel) is just another teenage love story set in a high school, starring a couple of pretty faces who might end up on a The CW show a few years later.

On that Friday night, GEEK CHARMING collected 4.91 million viewers in front of the television, and was that day’s highest-viewed telecast among kids of all ages, as well as Cable television’s most-viewed telecast of that Friday. Among Kids 6-11, 2.2 million tuned in (9.0 rating), and among Tweens 9-14, 1.9 million decided to show up for this high school romance (8.1 rating). With adults 18-49, because they turn into the Disney Channel as well, the TV movie delivered a 0.8/2. among persons 12-34, GEEK CHARMING did an even better 1.7/7 (also best of the night). And honestly, now that I have read about this movie, I kind of get the urge to watch it. Maybe it’s because I have been constantly thinking about watching a couple of TV moves Im archiving here, since some of them can be found on YouTube.


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