Ratings Archive: DONNY! (Season 1)

donny-s1-logoWhat Larry David did for himself with CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, Donny Deutsch did for himself with DONNY!, a soft-scripted comedy for USA Network, which dealt with the show’s star being the host of a daytime talk show, during which he seems to live the most perfect life. Which of course is not the case, or otherwise this would not be a soft-scripted show. And because I’m still in shock over who was elected President in 2016, I keep it short again.

Anyway, DONNY! was not at all a success for USA Network. The show might have been expensive, and a 0.2 rating on average might have been enough for the cable network to give the show another chance in 2016, but that would eventually not be the case, since DONNY! only landed once in the Top 50 of original Cable programming (and even USA seems very spoiled with their shows). But it took a while for USA to officially not invite the show for a second season: August 2016 is the month of death for DONNY!

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