Ratings Archive: CHARLIE HOOVER (Season 1)

charlie-hoover-s1-logoIn this short-lived FOX comedy, the inside voice of a 40-year-old man named after the show (portrayed by Tim Matheson) comes to life in the form of Hugh, a foot-high miniature alter ego (portrayed by Sam Kinison). CHARLIE HOOVER was supposed to start a little later in the season, but half of FOX’s Saturday night program was placed to Friday nights, after their Friday night program THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE was cancelled. That left room open for CHARLIE HOOVER to premiere a little earlier than expected, as well as the second season of GET A LIFE, which didn’t get a start in the Fall line-up. FOX was hoping to continue their success of getting some viewers to Saturdays (and putting boring reality TV shit on Fridays, because that night was being given up by the networks) this way, even though the two shows were planned to team up on Monday nights. But FOX’s change of plans sort of backfired.

Well, not sort of. CHARLIE HOOVER failed to make a splash instantly, and performed bad enough for FOX to forget all about the show after its airing, even though the ratings looked like they were slowly, but steadily, climbing. Within a month and a half, CHARLIE HOOVER won more than two million viewers, and was able to raise the Household rating by one point. But for some reason that wasn’t enough for FOX. Maybe the comedic talents of Sam Kinison, who died shortly after the cancellation of CHARLIE HOOVER, being wasted for a FOX sitcom had something to do with it.

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