Ratings Archive: CAKE WARS: CHRISTMAS (Season 1)

cake-wars-christmas-s1-logoDonald Trump was just elected as President, which means I’m a little too lazy to do anything that means something. Which is why I’m gonna slap you the ratings for the first season of CAKE WARS’ Christmas spin-off in front of your nose. As CAKE WARS was bringing in solid ratings for the Food Network, a Christmas themed season was not such a bad idea.

Ratings-wise, the not so bad idea turned out to be a good one. Even though the show never managed to be an outright hit for the Food Network, it happened to be a show that brought in enough viewers to always push the show into the Top 50 of original Cable shows. Only two episodes landed below one million viewers, and the finale even managed to be the most-viewed and highest-rated episode of the six-hour season (except when it came to the young audience members, who decided not to tune in for the finale for some reason). The network ordered a second round of Christmas cake baking, and the original CAKE WARS continued to be the signature show for the Food Network – a network I haven’t tuned in for even one single second.

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