willing-to-kill-the-texas-cheerleader-story-logoAnother true-crime story was turned into a TV movie for a Sunday night airing, and this time it was the story of Wanda Holloway, who planned to hire a hitman to kill the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival in high school, giving this premise sort of a darkly comedic spin. That spin happened to be captured in the 1993 HBO adaptation of the story titled THE POSITIVELY TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE ALLEGED TEXAS CHEERLEADER-MURDERING MOM (goddammit…), but on ABC on Sunday, November 8, 1992, ABC adapted this true story in WILLING TO KILL: THE TEXAS CHEERLEADER STORY. And as always on Sunday nights, TV moves were airing against themselves or FOX’s Sunday night sitcom block.

And ABC was probably happy enough with the numbers for this Sunday MOTW. Even though it couldn’t win against NBC’s first part of a two-part Sinatra special, and almost got slaughtered by MARRIED WITH CHILDREN as well. 22.0 million viewers tuned in (14.0/22 in Households). The Sinatra special got a bit more in viewers and ratings, but ABC was #2 in the timeslot, and the movie placed #15 in the weekly Nielsen charts, which was more than okay for ABC, even though that result meant the network performed a little weaker compared to a week prior, when an airing of PRETTY WOMAN landed #7 in the charts.


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