charming-christmas-logoThe 2015 Christmas season couldn’t have started any better for Hallmark. Okay, maybe with a lot more audience it could have been better, but the third Christmas-themed movie in their 2015 Christmas season clearly outperformed the previous two entries, giving rise to the theory that people really want to see Christmas movies in November. CHARMING CHRISTMAS starred out favorite genre love Julie Benz, playing a very uptight business woman for the Rossman’s department store. She usually never makes time for love and Christmas, but one night she had to don the suit of Mrs. Claus and play nice. And all of a sudden everything around her was playing nice, including her love interest, who donned the Santa suit with her. CHARMING CHRISTMAS aired on Sunday, November 8, 2015, and everyone involved in the movie’s production woke up with a smile, when the ratings were released.

3.295 million viewers tuned in. Granted, that’s nothing compared to the 0.019 million viewers less that previous night’s offering ICE SCULPTURE CHRISTMAS brought, but the rating among adults 18-49 climbed to a good-looking 0.50. Against hardcore competition like THE WALKING DEAD and THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, the numbers looked pretty good, especially the 2.31 of Men 50+, which was only second to THE WALKING DEAD that night. Against Hallmark’s movie from the previous week, ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE, the numbers looked golden. And now the question rose whether Hallmark was able to continue the rise of the numbers with their fourth Christmas offering of that season: I’M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS, airing that following Saturday.


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