ice-sculpture-christmas-logoWe continue the series of “Christmas-themed movies on the Hallmark Channel” with another entry, and this time an entry with a rather weird title. It’s almost like the producers decided to just splash the word ‘Christmas’ into the title, when they realized that the title isn’t generating a reason for Hallmark viewers to tune in. Anyway, Brenda Strong, mostly known for killing herself in the opening minutes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, starred in this movie, together with Hallmark pretty people Rachel Boston (I know her from THE EX LIST, mostly) and David Alpay. In this version of holiday cheers, Rachel Boston’s character, a Chef, decides to reconnect with her childhood friend (and apparent future lover), who then enters her into an ice sculpting contest, during which she has to compete against her boss. Sounds dramatic? Well, consider the fact that there was no consent in this story at all.

The movie aired on Saturday, November 7, 2015, and it turned out to be a quite successful entry in their holiday-themed movies. 3.276 million viewers tuned in, which pushed the movie above average in the time slot. So did the 0.43 ratings points with adults 18-49. And as usual, Hallmark also celebrated success with men older than 50 – in this case, the rating climbed up to 2.35, and I can tell you it is a fact that Hallmark and ICE SCULPTURE CHRISTMAS won with Men 50+ that night, which didn’t have a lot of interesting competition (pretty much just College Football). Compared to ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE, the first Christmas-themed movie of Hallmark’s 2015 Christmas season, which aired six days prior, the viewership raised by close to 29 percent, and the A18-49 rating was upped by nearly 50 percent.


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