Ratings Archive: A MATTER OF JUSTICE

a-matter-of-justice-logoA true crime story made it on NBC in form of a two-part miniseries in November 1993. A MATTER OF JUSTICE, which is also known under the title “Final Justice”, deals with the murder of Chris Randall Brown, a Marine who, before his demise, came back from duty with a woman he introduced as his wife, and was soon murdered by her. Or so Chris’s mother was believing, who decided to go to court and deliver justice, while trying to get the custody of her grandchild. NBC aired the two-parter on TV movie Sunday November 7 and Monday, November 8, to some success. The first part might not have gotten past ABC and CBS’s movie delivery on Sunday, but the second part turned out to be the highest rated TV movie of the week.

The three-hour movie starred Patty Duke and our favorite TV President of all time Martin Sheen as the murder victim’s parents; and favorite TV villains Jeff Kober and Cole Hauser, making A MATTER OF JUSTICE kind of a star-studded TV movie, at least for my taste. The first part had to air against FOX’s usual sitcom ware, as well as the theatrical movies DANCES WITH WOLVES (ABC aired the first half only) and GHOST (on CBS). A MATTER OF JUSTICE was able to get situated above FOX in the ratings, but not above both movies. The second part was extremely successful though, winning against MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Kansas City won against Green Bay), and CBS’s sitcom block, besides being #5 in the weekly Nielsen charts.

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