Ratings Archive: I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER (Season 1)

i-love-kellie-pickler-s1-logoWhen I can’t find numbers for a 2011 Hallmark movie aired on a Saturday at this particular moment, I have to make due with a cable reality show on a channel no one even knows exists (except for those who have found it and watch it regularly), with numbers I cannot put in comparison, because I have no idea what was airing before, and what would air after. Country Music Television, or CMT for short, came into news recently though, when the channel picked up the fifth season of ABC’s NASHVILLE, which seemed very appropriate. The HQ of the channel is in Nashville, and the show and channel seem to be made for each other.

Anyway, CMT aired the first season of I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER between November 2015 and January 2016. Country music artist Kellie Pickler, landing sixth on the fifth season of AMERICAN IDOL in 2005, and winning season 16 of DANCING WITH THE STARS with her dance partner Derek Hough in 2013, is known for her quirky personality and “southern charm”, and therefore made it onto a channel with her own reality series, in which her life is depicted, together with her songwriter husband Kyle Jacobs

The half-hour show, airing Thursdays at 10:00pm, started off with a back-to-back premiere, which apparently drew big numbers for CMT. While the rest of the season landed somewhere below the mark of cable shows you can find on a ratings chart, the premiere almost kissed 700.000 viewers, compared to the 200.000 viewers the season finale would eventually get. The first part of the season , getting more than 300.000 viewers, were making for cash for CMT, as it seems, while the final two episodes, aired back-to-back as well, went way below the season average. Still, CMT was happy with these numbers (or maybe just the people the cameras captured), and a second season was ordered.

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