Ratings Archive: CROSS OF FIRE (Season 1)

cross-of-fire-logoThe Presidential election of 2016 is going to happen in a couple of days, and one thing the ugly campaigns included was the Ku Klux Klan’s endorsement of Donald Trump. How fitting that 27 years earlier, NBC aired a two-part miniseries involving the Ku Klux Klan, and the story of the rape and death of a young state employee in 1925 Indiana at the hands of D.C. Stephenson, Grand Dragon of the KKK, whose crime precipitated the Klan’s collapse.

John Heard, Lloyd Bridges, David Morse and Mel Harris starred in this two-parter that aired on November 5 and 6 of 1989 on NBC, giving the network solid-enough numbers, even though the movies never won their time slot. On Sunday, CROSS OF FIRE, Part 1 was third of all three TV movies aired at 9:00pm (on FOX, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN’s Household ratings were close to those of CROSS OF FIRE), and on the following Monday, the second part drew the short one yet again against MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (San Francisco demolished New Orleans) and CBS’s WHEN HE’S NOT A STRANGER

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