Ratings Archive: CARRIE

carrie-2002-logoNBC was planning to get another franchise up and running on Monday, November 4, 2002, when they premiered the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. From 8:00pm to 11:00pm, the movie, which was closer to the novel than Brian De Palma’s 1976 adaptation, was supposed to be the backdoor pilot to a potential TV series with Carrie as the titular character, but even though the movie scored very solid ratings for NBC, the series never got off the ground. Which was probably a good thing happening for the character, since it would have made her a lot more different from the book. Then again, if the TV show would have happened, the 2013 remake might never have happened…

The 2002 adaptation was written by yours truly Brian Fuller, directed by David Carson, and starred Angela Bettis as the titular anti-heroine. CARRIE might have been her biggest work in her career, since I haven’t seen anything else that is on her CV, with the exception of GIRL, INTERRUPTED, which I can’t even remember anymore. Anyway, the three-hour airing delivered 12.21 million viewers (7.3/11 in Households, 5.0/12 with adults 18-49), which was a strong number for NBC, though the competition was harsh. ABC had Green Bay Packers winning against Miami Dolphins, and CBS continued their usual Mondays with high numbers for their two-hour sitcom block and CSI: MIAMI. NBC was third that day, though the numbers for CARRIE meant something good for NBC: it was their highest rated Monday night of the season up to that point, and the TV movie itself was the highest rated one-part TV movie in eleven months, and fared especially well with women between 18-34 (6.3/16), where CARRIE was first place.


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