Ratings Archive: THE NANNY (Season 1)

the-nanny-s1-logoAfter the quick and painful cancellation of PRINCESSES, Fran Drescher, who really wanted to be the star of her own sitcom, and her husband Peter Marc Jacobson, met with CBS programming head Jeff Saganski and pitched him what would eventually become Drescher’s biggest hit in her career. Two years after the PRINCESSES flop, THE NANNY premiered on CBS – not to very big numbers, but solid enough to forget all about the troubles Drescher’s previous show brought. Still, the show wasn’t much of a breakout hit in its first year. And CBS tried twice to make it so, by putting THE NANNY on Mondays twice throughout the season, replacing DAVE’S WORLD. Both of these episodes happened to be the highest-rated of the season, though the numbers weren’t at all different from what DAVE’S WORLD was bringing on Mondays. Still, if CBS figured out that the show might get better numbers on Mondays instead of Wednesdays, a renewal might be an option worth thinking about.

And that thought was most likely CBS’s biggest reason to give THE NANNY a second season. After the show dropped below 10 million viewers once, the chances were high that Drescher’s next show would find a quick ending as well, albeit THE NANNY at least living for an entire broadcast year. After much consideration, and the fact that some CBS executives thought they had a hit sitcom on their hands they needed to nurture more properly, a second season was ordered, which would finally air on Mondays permanently.

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