the-conviction-of-kitty-dodds-logo Women continuously getting abused, even in scripted dramas and movies of the week. THE CONVICTION OF KITTY DODDS starts with that premise, and when the titular character, portrayed by Veronica Hamel, known for her long-running stint as Joyce Davenport on HILL STREET BLUES, as well as being the final commercial smoker of a cigarette on American television (fun fact: the last cigarette commercial aired at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve on NBC in 1971). She would also portray Lily Muster in HERE COME THE MUNSTERS two years later. On Tuesday, November 2, 1993, her TV movie THE CONVICTION OF KITTY DODDS aired on CBS. And as soon as her character was convicted for killing her abusive husband, and place din prison for life, she decided to stage a prison break and live her life under an assumed name and with her past neatly hidden.

Against hard competition, which only consisted of the still strong ROSEANNE on ABC, THE CONVICTION OF KITTY DODDS placed second in the time slot, with 18.7 million viewers (13.7/21 in Households) tuning in. The TV movie got lost in the weekly Nielsen charts though, landing in the 30s, and getting forgotten eventually.


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