Ratings Archive: MALIBU COUNTRY (Season 1)

malibu-country-s1-logoCountry star Reba McEntire returned to television, after her own show REBA ended only six years prior on The CW (remember the time when The CW had sitcoms?). This time around, Reba was on ABC, and probably everybody was thinking that people would tune in and witness a legend of the world of country music make jokes, while trying to reshuffle her life, after her MALIBU COUNTRY character found out that her husband has a cheating heart. MALIBU COUNTRY premiered deep into the 2012 Fall season, placed on Friday nights to give the day some new viewers, as a lead out for LAST MAN STANDING.

And ABC was quite happy with the initial ratings of the show. According to the alphabet network, MALIBU COUNTRY was the highest-rated freshman comedy of the 2012 Fall season, and its premiere ratings were the highest ever in that time slot for the past five years. After three and a half weeks, ABC ordered five more episodes, instead of a full back-9, probably knowing that the ratings, which have already gone down almost one whole ratings point in the target demo, won’t climb back up to around 2.0. At the end, the show was killed due to ever-falling ratings (albeit the fact that the season finale surprisingly peaked back up to 7 million viewers, which the show hasn’t reached since the third episode), and some shuffling behind the cameras. Kevin Abbott, creator and producer, left the show before its premiere (which is surprising, considering he had already worked with Reba on REBA), and his successor Nastaran Dibai also left shortly after the final episode aired. Needless to say, ABC thought it wasn’t worth it to renew MALIBU COUNTRY for another season, so it was naturally cancelled.

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