tis-the-season-for-love-logo‘Tis the season for Christmas holiday movies. I’m pretty sure I will have to get through one Christmas-themed movie after another over the course of the next eight weeks. If it weren’t for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, Americans wouldn’t be able to watch forgettable Christmas movies for two months, and TV stars, who were unlucky with their quickly cancelled TV shows, were at least hired to lead two-hour Christmas romance movies that really were just easily written romantic comedies produced for $1 million, maybe less. Also, let it be said that the Christmas season is beginning, if Hallmark managed to air a Christmas-themed movie on November 1, 2015. ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE starred Sarah Lancaster (of CHUCK fame, and who also was unlucky with her quickly canned show WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, which I kind of liked), who, after a ten-year spell on Broadway, decides to return to her hometown for the holiday season, wanting to change up her life a little bit and find purpose. And love, of course.

The Hallmark Original movie opening up their November of 2015 brought forward 2.346 million viewers on a Sunday night, which was a success for Hallmark. It might have only had a rating of 0.30 with adults 18-49, but it was the seventh most-watched original program on cable television that day (which was led by THE WALKING DEAD, of course). Then again, ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR LOVE delivered sort of average ratings numbers for Hallmark, with the exception of, surprise, men over 50, where the movie delivered a rating of 1.74 (if it weren’t for THE WALKING DEAD and the NASCAR race on NBC Sports, it would have nearly been the highest-rated program in that demo).


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