Ratings Archive: SLEEPWALKERS (Season 1)

sleepwalkers-s1-logoWhen Abraham Benrubi’s ER character Jerry Markovic blew up an ambulance with a rocket launcher in the beginning of the fourth season, and was soon after forced to work night shifts only, it means his character was temporarily written out of the show. This was done, so Abraham Benrubi can star in NBC’s short-lived 1997 science fiction show SLEEPWALKERS, which also starred Bruce Greenwood and Naomi Watts, and dealt with a research team entering the dreams of people, who came to the research team for help. By entering their subconscious, one might hope to find some psychological problems and deal with them afterwards. David Goyer created the show, and top pilot director David Nutter had his hand in developing the visuals for the show. People were probably hoping to have another hit show on their hands. After all, the people involved with SLEEPWALKER promised it to be a great show.

Of course it wasn’t. NBC canned the show after two episodes, while production was shut down after the completion of the ninth episode. That didn’t mean the show was entirely cancelled though. While NBC did cancel the show for national airings, a couple of affiliates on the West Coast randomly aired episodes three to seven on random dates that were Sundays. But even then the affiliates were probably unhappy with the ratings, because the final two episodes remained unaired to this day. Still, SLEEPWALKERS has been released on DVD, though not in its entirety. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released six random episodes on DVD in Australia, and Warner Vision in Germany did the same, with the difference that their dubbing of the show was released in stunning Dolby Digital 5.1. Thank you, Wikipedia, for that very much useless info.

When production on the show ended, Abraham Benrubi returned to work the day shift in County General, finally having managed to grab all his balls and tell Dr. Weaver that he has suffered enough working the never depicted night shift in season four of ER.

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