here-come-the-munsters-logoIt’s surprising that there wasn’t much Halloween programming on Halloween on the broadcast networks in their history. A couple of TV flicks here and there around the festivities, but never really on the day of All Hallow’s Eve. Well, FOX tried to remedy that in 1995, when they put HERE COME THE MUNSTERS on the air. The film tells the story of the Munsters moving from Transylvania to California, and of course hilarity ensues, or otherwise this wouldn’t be a Munsters movie. Co-written by future THE BIG BANG THEORY co-creator Bill Prady and co-produed by John Landis, HERE COME THE MUNSTERS found its TV premiere on Tuesday, October 31, 1995, and had to air against an airing of the equally festivus-appropriate EDWARS SCISSORHANDS on CBS.

Well, FOX kind of won against CBS in this case, even though that doesn’t really say anything good about both networks’ efforts with their movies. 12.7 million viewers (8.0/13 in Households) tuned into FOX that night and gave HERE COME THE MUNSTERS a respectable showing for the network. It didn’t land anywhere notably in the weekly Nielsen charts, but it was also not the expected flop. It showed that the Munsters franchise can’t be reanimated for television (a lesson NBC learned with MOCKINGBIRD LANE, though I kind of would have appreciated a quirky little horror show), but it also showed that viewers were still interested in looking into something that carries the Munsters in the title.


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