Ratings Archive: PUBLIC MORALS (Season 1)

public-morals-logoWe will continue the series of shows that have been cancelled after only one episode. And again, the victim is CBS, who were hoping with a show co-created by Steven Bochco to capture the viewers. PUBLIC MORALS was a sitcom based around a group of detectives in a vice squad. Bochco took one of the characters (John Irvin, portrayed by Bill Brochtrup) from NYPD BLUE and implanted him in the sitcom, and after CBS shitcanned PUBLIC MORALS to have it forgotten about, Bochco returned that character back to NYPD BLUE. So, in a way, this might also be a case of one of the weirdest series universe crossovers in the history of 90s television.

The pilot (and only) episode aired on Wednesday nights, as a lead out to another CBS sitcom titled ALMOST PERFECT, and only captured enough viewers to put it slightly in front of a handful of WB and UPN shows. And that was simply not enough for CBS, which meant the show was immediately cancelled right after (and so was ALMOST PERFECT, which was four episodes into its second season at this point). Critics weren’t happy with the pilot, and this after they were already unhappy with the original pilot that CBS scrapped, so the network was probably happy that the show would be quickly forgotten, before it became a success with viewers, but a punching bag with critics, who love to hate on racially stereotypical sitcoms.

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