zombie-apocalypse-logoWith ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, Syfy officially started their now traditional holiday-themed Saturday original movies – during holidays, specific movies, mostly produced by The Asylum, will air and make a lot of noise for either the channel or the viewers, who decided they would like to livetweet this trashy television event. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE stars Ving Rhames and Taryn Manning, and you already know what the movie is about by looking at its title, the channel it aired on, and the production studio it came out of. The movie found an air date on Saturday, October 29, 2011, where it turned out to be the most-watched Saturday original movie on Syfy among viewers 18-49 and 25-54.

That doesn’t mean a lot though, looking at the numbers. 2.1 million viewers (a healthy 1.5 rating in Households) tuned in, which seems like a pretty big success for Syfy back in the day. 0.890 million viewers among the 18-49 crowd and 0.949 million viewers among the 25-54 crowd gave Syfy enough reason to continue this new tradition. But the numbers were not big enough to cause some online chaos. After all, SHARKNADO had less viewers, yet it is already a four-part epic.


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