Ratings Archive: GRIMM (Season 1)

grimm-s1-logoWith fairy tales taking a seat in the public domain, it was always a question of time when the broadcast networks would hop on them and involve them in a TV show. Before NBC took on the mythology of the Grimm monsters and made a supernatural crime procedural out of it, ABC brought ONCE UPON A TIME into life. But while the ABC fairy tales including pretty much every fairy tale character you can remember is another story, let’s have a look at GRIMM first. The show itself seems to be pretty forgettable – first of all, I only watched the pilot and was never intrigued by it, and second of all, I really don’t know anyone who is wild about this show and actually means it. Still, NBC had quite a success with GRIMM on Friday nights. A show that was purposefully created and scheduled on a “death slot”, because there was (and still is) hope that nerds and genre geeks might tune in instead of… going out, which no nerd or genre geek is doing anyway.

Shortly before Halloween 2011, NBC premiered GRIMM with very solid ratings for the night. And even though the show lost nearly a quarter of viewers (and young viewers) over the course of the first three episodes, the show established a regular appearance in the mid-1 ratings in the target demo, making it a bona fide success for NBC. The lowest rating the show drove home was a 1.2, and that only happened twice – with today’s standards, it would be a total hit of hits for NBC. Still, the executives might have been a little worrisome at some points, when the viewership numbers were scratching on the 4-million mark and were about to go under that. Nevertheless, GRIMM proved itself on Friday nights (except for that one episode that aired on a Thursday, which is the one with the lowest viewership number), going against other genre shows like FRINGE and SUPERNATURAL, and a second season was pretty much a given.

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