frankenstein-the-college-years-logoHalloween programming is happening right before the actual day of Halloween, and a few networks and cable channels decided to air an original Halloween-themed movie, inspite of the fact that it might not make much sense. There are better movies out there to be aired on Halloween, which were produced by movie studios with a more heftier budget (and then there is THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which could have been so easily recreated for television for the same price), and the cable channels usually go into a Halloween marathon with all the horror classics from yesteryear. Nevertheless, FOX brought FRANKENSTEIN: THE COLLEGE YEARS onto the small screen on Monday, October 28, 1991. The TV movie starts with the death of a college professor, who apparently died of boredom during a presentation of one of his students, who happens to be one of the main characters of this two-hour sci-fi horror comedy event.

9.1 million viewers (6.1/9 in Households) tuned in for Frank N Stein’s efforts to blend into college. FOX was most likely happy with that number, considering they were scheduling original ware on Mondays again. FRANKENSTEIN: THE COLLEGE YEARS was in fact the second program during the 1991/1992 season that aired on a Monday. Still, it was a forgettable programming experience for anyone that day, because the TV movie was the only program that day to reach less than 10 million viewers, and it landed in the bottom part of the weekly Nielsen charts. I guess there was nothing to see here…


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