Ratings Archive: WICKED CITY (Season 1)

wicked-city-s1-logoThree episodes took it for ABC to cancel this killer police drama set in 1982’s Los Angeles, dealing with two detectives’ hunt for two serialkillers on the Sunset Strip. I have never watched the show, but the premise and the fact that Erika Christensen (whom I have a crush on since her impressive one-episode stint on LIE TO ME) starred in this show kind of makes me want to watch all eight produced episodes, which according to the producers make for great binge and stream watching, because apparently the story is a closed one.

The show didn’t even come out of the gate properly. Maybe it didn’t help that the show aired on Tuesday nights, at 10:00pm, where it seems almost impossible to establish a new show. Maybe it didn’t help that it aired out of the already weak MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Maybe the general premise (serialkillers, 1980s period drama) didn’t help the show, because of the fact that period dramas never really make it on broadcast networks these days. After the show was cancelled, Hulu released the remaining episodes, at first releasing four episodes at the same time, then waiting 9 days to release the finale, for whatever reason. It won’t take long until the show is entirely forgotten, which makes it perfect to live on here forever.

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