Ratings Archive: SOUTH OF SUNSET (Season 1)

south-of-sunset-s1-logoThis is an entry in the series of “Shows That Got Cancelled After Airing One Episode”. SOUTH OF SUNSET, a detective show starring late musician Glenn Frey (known for being a founding member of the Eagles), premiered on October 27, 1993, after being heavily promoted by CBS during the 1993 World Series. The eye network initially bought the show with a six-episode order at the beginning, but the studio had problems casting the male lead, after having booked co-stars Maria Pitillo (the Sam Worthington of 1990s television) and Aries Spears already. At one point, Glenn Frey was being looked at and all of a sudden he had the opportunity to lead his own television show, after having guest starred on some shows (most notably MIAMI VICE) already.

When the pilot aired though, everyone was disappointed. In a way, even the people who never got to see it on the West Coast, because stations preempted the airing of the pilot for news coverage of wildfires in Malibu. That’s one major reason why the ratings were so incredibly low for that one episode (it was the only program of the day with less than 10 million viewers). Another reason was its competition: HOME IMPROVEMENT, which captured more than 40 million viewers on ABC, crushing SOUTH OF SUNSET even more. After CBS quickly and brutally shitcanned SOUTH OF SUNSET, VH1 acquired the episodes at some point and aired them. According to Wikipedia, at least five episodes were produced (and all of them aired), and it is unclear whether episodes six and seven were shot. Would someone like to look in their archives to see if these episodes exist?

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