Ratings Archive: SUPERGIRL (Season 1)

supergirl-s1-logoThe DC TV universe has not just been existing on The CW. In a way, NBC had a tiny piece of the cake with CONSTANTINE, and even CBS jumped onto the train, despite the quickly established fact that the Arrowverse and the Superverse were two different universes. For now. In late October of last year, CBS premiered SUPERGIRL, which opened the week for the old-folks crime procedural network. It seems like a miracle that CBS would air a show aimed for a younger audience, directly against another DC TV show that happened to air on FOX (GOTHAM). People (and I was one of them) were a little scared that SUPERGIRL won’t find an audience for CBS and get cancelled quickly. If it’s a flop, it will get canned after 13 episodes. If CBS is not happy with the ratings, then there will only be one season. And someone like me would be sad, because it would show the insecure and whiny assholes on the Internet (especially Twitter) that superheroine TV shows (and movies) don’t work and shouldn’t be ordered. And I’m just totally against that.

The show premiered well for anyone’s standards. A 3.2 rating is very much a success these days, and if a drop down the ratings road would happen, SUPERGIRL would have a lot of room to do so. Eventually, the second episode lost an entire ratings point, which seems surprising, considering the show was aimed towards a young audience. That basically means the older audience stayed with the show after the pilot. Which would also mean that older audience is more tolerate towards (female) superhero shows than the insecure whiny Internet assholes. Anyway, the show would drop down to a 1.3 demo rating eventually, its lowest all season (hit four times), but still good enough to warrant a second season, because it was not the worst CBS had seen. Unfortunately, for stats geeks, the season finale had the lowest ratings.

But the question about renewal remained. Everyone involved in making the show possible loved the show, and a renewal seemed certain, yet the news took a long time to come. Eventually, The CW took over SUPERGIRL for a second season, opening up the theory that CBS took on the show for its first year to establish it to a large audience, before the show would then go to the network it was suited for from the beginning, giving WB hopes that it might break ratings records on the small broadcast network.

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