Ratings Archive: OVER MY DEAD BODY (Season 1)

over-my-dead-body-logoIn the style of MURDER, SHE WROTE, CBS premiered OVER MY DEAD BODY in the Fall of 1990, hoping to have another light crime procedural hit on their hands that made use of an elder generation of actors, and maybe viewers. Edward Woodward played the aging novelist who gets wrapped up in a murder mystery, because a young and struggling reporter played by Jessica Lundy went to him and not the police, after she witnessed a murder. Produced by William Link, who was also responsible for Jessica Fletcher’s adventures, the show had the same style and tone as MURDER, SHE WROTE, but to quote Wikipedia, shared none of the earlier program’s success.

Because the show was a flop in CBS’s eyes. With 17.3 million viewers, the two-hour OVER MY DEAD BODY pilot aired with solid numbers, but there wasn’t much room downstairs, and as soon as the show would drop in the ratings, it might soon find itself in the bottom third of the weekly Nielsen charts. And the show would quickly go down in the ratings, and by the end of the year, nearly lost 30 percent of the Households – not enough for the network who saw a hit in OVER MY DEAD BODY and didn’t get it. The show was cancelled and returned during the summer months for a burn-off. But even then, CBS thought the show was not good enough, and cancelled OVER MY DEAD BODY outright before the season/series finale was aired. The final episode remained unaired and buried in the WB archives somewhere, getting eaten by cockroaches and ants.

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