Ratings Archive: WIOU (Season 1)

wiou-s1-logoOne forgotten show in the annals of television history aired on CBS between 1990 and 1991, and dealt with the trials and tribulations of a television station’s news department, which carried the titular nickname, because of the continuing financial troubles. 18 episodes were produced, but only 13 episodes were aired, before CBS cancelled the show due to low ratings. For a show from the very early 1990s, it starred quite a few well-known faces. Starting with future Lex Luthor John Shea leading the ensemble cast, WIOU also starred Helen Shaver, Harris Yulin and Dick Van Patten. Those faces, and the portrayal of the television business, were not enough to keep the show on the air for a long time though.

Airing Wednesdays against ABC’s historical flop COP ROCK, WIOU was able to win the hour, but that didn’t mean the show was a success for CBS. Maybe CBS would have carried the show over the entire 1990/1991 season, if the share stayed around 18/19/20, but after four episodes, WIOU crashed down to a 12 share, and from here on was fighting to keep viewers. After ten episodes, WIOU was placed into a hiatus, before returning for a one-off on a Monday, which did not help the ratings. The show was quickly forgotten after its cancellation, and hereby shall live forever on this blog.

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