Ratings Archive: CONSTANTINE (Season 1)

constantine-s1-logoBelieve it or not, but the DC TV universe didn’t just expand on The CW, in a way it expanded way into NBC at one point, when the peacock network decided to adapt the Hellblazer comic series into a television series. Starring Constantine, the show dealt with the supernatural detective protecting innocent lives in this crazy and mystic world full of bad and even worse things. Matt Ryan starred as the titular comic antihero, and NBC was hoping they would succeed in jumping onto the comic bandwagon that made ARROW a success, and would do the same to THE FLASH at the same time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the case. After a somewhat solid, yet rocky start for the show, the ratings went down as usual. CONSTANTINE had the advantage that the ratings stayed extremely solid in that low state though, and all of a sudden there was the question if a second season was possible.

Eventually, a second season did not happen, and one other supernatural crime show might be to blame for that: GRIMM. As it turns out, NBC executives thought that both shows were very similar, and since GRIMM was getting better numbers on a weaker day, it seemed understandable that NBC would choose GRIMM over CONSTANTINE. Still, Matt Ryan’s character did not go into the annals of television history though. He turned up in an episode of ARROW, sort of building a DC universe that might take more than just the show that air on The CW, bringing in the element of magic into the universe (and saving one of my favorite characters of that universe in the process).

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