Ratings Archive: THE SURROGATE

the-surrogate-logoIt was MOTW time on Sunday, October 22, 1995, when 9:00pm hit the clock. While NBC was airing the second game of the 1995 World Series, and FOX was as usual in their sitcom programming, the competition was out to catch viewers with their TV movies. ABC served a little thriller titled THE SURROGATE, starring Alyssa Milano and Connie Sellecca. The latter persuaded the former to say yes to a surrogate pregnancy, but when the future Halliwell sister realized that something sinister is going on with the mother of her own baby, she decides to fight for her unborn child.

18.5 million viewers (12.8/20 in Households) tuned in, bringing ABC respectable numbers in that timeslot. The movie might not have won that slot at all (the World Series game drew a larger crowd, of course, and the CBS movie only had 0.3 million viewers more), but THE SURROGATE landed solidly high on the weekly Nielsen charts, namely #19 – which might have been a surprise for some, because the rather high placement in the charts wasn’t quite guaranteed with the numbers it eventually drew, as respective as they might look.


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