Ratings Archive: STYLISTA (Season 1)

stylista-s1-logoAs a companion series to AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, The CW tried to fill their pretty and beautiful Wednesday nights with a new show called STYLISTA. It was a fashion-themed competition show, which looked good on paper (especially with The CW’s model show as a lead-in), but looked bad in the numbers. Even though the show premiered out of ANTM with a somewhat respectable 1.2 rating in the target demo, it was clear from here on that, if STYLISTA doesn’t have good word-of-mouth, the show would quickly tank.

And STYLISTA tanked quite beautifully. The demo rating was down 25 percent for the next three airings, and the week after The CW decided to be extra cheap and air a clip show (it’s that episode with the lowest numbers of all – the viewers knew they were served rehashed shit), STYLISTA started to burn. It’s almost like the few viewers that were interested in the show decided to forget all about it after the clip show. In addition to that, the show stopped airing out of ANTM. Because the model show didn’t air any longer. Instead, STYLISTA led out of … STYLISTA repeats, which generally fared a little better than the original episodes. Which is weird. But in the TV business, that doesn’t say anything at all.

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