Ratings Archive: THE BRIDE IN BLACK

the-bride-in-black-logoIt was MOTW time for ABC on Sunday, October 21, 1990, and who else to get for a thrilling movie of the week about a new bride losing her new husband through a murder than soap star Susan Lucci? Yes, Lucci’s husband was murdered about ten minutes after he became her husband, and now the widowmaker is after her as well. Not only does she have to solve her husbands murder now, Lucci also gets the chance to get her hands taped up, put on some boxing gloves, and thrown into a fighting scene.

24.7 million viewers (16.7/27 in Households) tuned in between 9:00pm and 11:00pm, when the networks were airing their program as usual: NBC and CBS with their MOTW of their own, and FOX with their sitcom programming. Not too much of a dangerous competition, when the networks were airing standard fare, but THE BRIDE IN BLACK looked pretty good with those numbers. It won the timeslot, and the movie itself landed on #15 in the weekly Nielsen charts. Even though that might look like THE BRIDE IN BLACK was the most-viewed TV movie that week, but this time that wasn’t the case.


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