Ratings Archive: SKIN (Season 1)

skin-s1-logoFOX heavily promoted their modern take of Romeo & Juliet during the 2003 post-Baseball season, and TV pundits were looking with promising eyes towards the series premiere of SKIN, thinking they would experience the start of another broadcast hit drama. Three weeks later, FOX cancelled SKIN, due to dismal ratings and dismal reviews, and all of a sudden Romeo, the son of a district attorney, and Julia (portrayed by future THE O.C. eye candy Olivia Wilde), the daughter of a pornographer (not their real names in the show) found out what it’s like to be not loved by the lovers of Shakespeare.

SKIN was not the only show FOX was hoping to have another hit with in 2003. The drama aired together with the second season of JOE MILLIONAIRE, which happened to be a huge success for FOX earlier that year. But when both JOE MILLIONAIRE and SKINS showed that audiences weren’t interested, FOX had another one of those terrible dreams in which the executives woke up to real life: Their shows simply don’t work out with the viewers most of the time. Especially when the FOX executives were believing in a success of their shows, just to be rudely pushed into cold water.

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