danielle-steels-jewels-logoI have no idea who Danielle Steel is, but looking at her Wiki page, she wrote a bunch of books, and probably most of them were adapted as movies of the week by broadcast networks in the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of those books, “Jewels”, was brought to life on NBC as a two-part miniseries, starring future Martha Kent Annette O’Toole in the main role of British Duchess Sarah Thompson, whose (love) life has been depicted in the four-hour event.

I have no idea what Danielle Steel’s books are all about, but it looks like 20 million Americans were interested enough in JEWELS to tune in during the two parts. Both halves of the extra-long movie of the week generated extremely close to 20 million viewers, and the second park was even a little more successful in ratings, thanks to the fact that generally fewer people were watching television during weeknights than on Sunday nights, when the first part aired. Even though NBC failed to win the hour(s) during both airings of JEWELS, the miniseries was successful enough for the network. Both times JEWELS landed in the upper quarter of the weekly Nielsen charts.

Click me to the ratings


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