jonathan-the-boy-nobody-wanted-logoJoBeth Williams starred in another movie of the week, that dealt with the story of a kid with Down syndrome, portrayed by LIFE GOES ON star Chris Burke, who was carelessly institutionalized by his parents, and is later diagnosed with a rare heart disorder, which needs a medical cure his parents don’t want to consent for. So, JoBeth Williams comes along, and fights for custody of this innocent boy who just wants to live and be loved by people. Inspired by a true story concerning a landmark legal decision for disabled people, NBC aired this MOTW on Monday, October 19, 1992. Dueling itself against CBS and ABC though, NBC drew the short stick, and was third in the timeslot. The viewers probably didn’t want to watch anything serious after the Presidential debate that aired an hour before.

19.3 million viewers (13.8/21 in Households) tuned in. 1.7 million viewers less than the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL match between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati (20-0) on ABC, and more than five million fewer viewers than the start of CBS’s successful sitcom block, which started with MURPHY BROWN that night. Even though NBC lost that day with JONATHAN: THE BOY NOBODY WANTED, the movie landed in the upper quarter of the weekly Nielsen charts.


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