Ratings Archive: TRUTH BE TOLD (Season 1)

truth-be-told-s1-logoBefore Mark-Paul Gosselaar grew a full beard and became a member of the San Diego Padres, hoping to have another hit TV show he can work on, he was busy for ten episodes in an NBC sitcom that tried too hard to deliver a message about diversity. Created and executive produced by D.J. Nash, who based the show around his own life, TRUTH BE TOLD never got an audience, never got anything to say about the broadcast network landscape, and was quietly cancelled by NBC after eight episodes, burning the final two episodes off during Christmas Day, where it non-surprisingly got the fewest amount of viewers, even crashing below the 2-million mark.

The show, originally titled “People Are Talking”, had an original order of 13 episodes, but NBC cut the order down to ten, after realizing two episodes in that TRUTH BE TOLD won’t do absolutely anything in the NBC schedule. Besides “quietly cancelling” the show right before Christmas, the order cut was pretty much NBC’s message to everyone involved in the show that TRUTH BE TOLD is going to the grave pretty quickly.

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