roxanne-the-prize-pulitzer-logoThe title of this TV movie confused me, because before I read it for the first time, I didn’t even know who Herbert Pulitzer was, and I certainly never heard of the most likely biggest divorce case in 1980s pop culture. But hey, at least TV history gave me the chance to quickly read up on Pulitzer Inc., and where their history actually began. Anyway, based on Roxanne Pulitzer’s autobiography, NBC commissioned a TV movie that was aired on Monday, October 16, 1989, against sort-of stiff competition. As usual, ABC’s MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL was raging on (Buffalo beat Los Angeles 23-20), CBS brought another round of their successful sitcoms on the air, and FOX had ALIEN NATION. Against all these, ROXANNE: THE PRIZE PULITZER won the fight in the Nielsen ratings.

23.5 million viewers (17.3/27 in Households) tuned in, bringing NBC a win, and putting the movie to #12 in the weekly Nielsen charts – but because CBS had a more successful TV movie to offer six days later, ROXANNE: THE PRIZE PULITZER didn’t land in the Top Ten.


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