Ratings Archive: SCHOOL PRIDE (Season 1)

school-pride-s1-logoIn the Fall of 2010, NBC tried to fire up multiple communities by having cameras watch them renovate and upgrade schools across the United States. Executive produced by Cheryl Hines, who pitched the idea of SCHOOL PRIDE to NBC after having volunteered during the restoration of Carver Elementary in Compton, the show wanted to portray how a community can have a positive and lasting effect, after a building of educational value stopped looking like it was build deep into the 20th century. NBC ordered a two-hour special to be aired in the Fall of 2010, and during the 2010 Upfronts, ordered six additional episodes.

Placed on Fridays, because something needs to be aired on that day, even if it’s just reality TV programming, SCHOOL PRIDE, as nice as the idea was, did not get good-enough word of mouth, and therefore not enough of an audience to warrant a second season. The show started with dismal numbers already, and even though it never crashed and burned, it was also never more than just a replacement show – with the difference that SCHOOL PRIDE premiered in the hot Fall season. Which brings me to ask: How much did NBC see in SCHOOL PRIDE to actually premier it in October, and not when one of their failing shows needed to be cancelled and replaced by a … replacement show?

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