Ratings Archive: RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE (Season 1)

ryan-caulfield-year-one-s1-logoFOX was living in a nightmare during the Fall of 1999. None of their new shows was working out, and if it weren’t for random replacement programming on Friday nights, all of their seven nights were showing a huge ratings drop compared to the year prior. One of the many victims of that time was the Sean Maher starrer RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE – a cop procedural about a 19-year-old youngling dressing into a uniform, getting a gun, and going on patrol in Philadelphia. So, kind of like a crime procedural with a twist, in which the twist is that the cop is still a teenager.

The show, which originally had the title “The Badland”, and was promoted with that title in the 1999 TV Guide Fall Preview, premiered on Friday night and was an instant flop. After the second episode proved to be an even bigger flop, FOX killed not only the show, but their entire Friday line-up (to be replaced with aforementioned random replacement programming, which made future Friday nights look a little better in comparison). RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE was not the only disaster in FOX’s Fall of 1999 though. If you don’t remember the satirical comedy ACTION (even though it got praise before its premiere and throughout the show) and Chris Carter’s virtual-reality-thriller HARSH REALM (for which he got paid for royally, with FOX having ordered the show straight to series), it’s because they got shitcanned quickly as well. RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE is entirely forgotten, because the show managed to get canned after two episodes, and it’s certain that FOX would like to forget the Fall of 1999 entirely.

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