Ratings Archive: MARRY ME (Season 1)

marry-me-s1-logoBased on his marriage to series co-star Casey Wilson, HAPPY ENDINGS creator David Caspe also created MARRY ME, which he most likely did to give his wife another shot at a broadcast comedy, after HAPPY ENDINGS unfortunately said goodbye after three seasons. The positively reviewed show found somewhat of a liking within the NBC executives branch, because the show’s episode order was upped to 18 episodes after the first four episodes. NBC knew that they had a solid comedy on their hands, but the ratings were already showing that not much can be won out of it, except good reviews. The network also knew that anything else airing on that timeslot would probably get the same kind of ratings MARRY ME was getting at that time.

The show fired off with seven and a half million viewers and a positive 2.3 rating in the target demo. The network would have been stoked and fucking happy as shit, if MARRY ME would have remained around that number, or just a little lower than that, but after four episodes, an entire ratings point was lost, and three million viewers said goodbye. There is a reason MARRY ME didn’t get a full back-9 order, and it lies right here. After the holiday break, the show crashed and slightly burned below rock bottom. For reasons unknown, viewers did not return to the show. At least around two million viewers thought the show is great enough to follow it even in its darkest times. But NBC pretty much cancelled the show by letting four episodes unaired – 14 of 18 episodes aired at the end (with the final four finding their first airing in the UK in April and May 2015), and it’s pretty safe to say that, if the show wouldn’t have crashed like that in 2015, those four episodes would have been aired. For NBC, a 1.1 rating is better to manage than a 0.8 rating.

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