Ratings Archive: MANCUSO, F.B.I. (Season 1)

mancuso-fbi-s1-logoThis is another part in the series of “TV shows with a 15 million viewer average get cancelled after one season”, which is, as long as you don’t have real-life animals getting killed during the show’s production, unheard of in today’s time (okay, LUCK never had 15 million viewers, but still…). In the 20th century, it was the yearly business of the broadcast networks though – if a show is unable to win the hour on a regular basis and land above the halfway of the weekly Nielsen charts, then the show is toast. NBC’s MANCUSO, F.B.I., a spin-off of last season’s successful miniseries FAVORITE SON, was such a case. A show that started off with a 21 percent share and finished with a 25 percent share did not get to see a second season. Which is probably what the show deserved, because the numbers for the pilot and season finale do not represent the numbers for the rest of the show.

For some reason beyond my explanation, NBC decided to air the second episode on Thursday, instead of the Friday slot the show was placed on. Maybe, if the show might have had another slot than the 10:00pm one it aired on Fridays, the show might have shown bigger numbers, but on Fridays, against FALCON CREST on CBS and ABC’s 20/20 news program, there was usually nothing to gain for NBC except around 15 million viewers on average. It seems to be a funny thing then, when the season finale was aired on a Tuesday, and managed a season high, landing somewhere in the 20s in the weekly Nielsen charts. Talk about a show that ends this way, which also seems unheard of these days…

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