Ratings archive: JANE THE VIRGIN (Season 1)

jane-the-virgin-s1-logoAfter the 2014 Upfronts, a few people were shading hard on the JANE THE VIRGIN trailer, naming it one of the worst, and figuring that someone had to smoke a lot of bad shit to order a show with that premise. Immediately after the series premiere though, the universal acclaim came through, and all of a sudden people were watching the show, Gina Rodriguez was nominated for a Golden Globe, Gina Rodriguez got the Golden Globe, and the show never tanked in the ratings. Apparently, even bad-sounding ideas can create quite a few great shows. It’s a lesson I had to learn twice with The CW: First, it was JANE THE VIRGIN. Then it was CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND. When I heard that people were hating on the NO TOMORROW Upfronts trailer, I could only smile and was expecting the next hit. If it’s gonna be one is another question, because by this writing, only two episodes have aired,

JANE THE VIRGIN started with solid numbers for The CW, but they were about to crash and burn, if it weren’t for the critical acclaim. It is noticeable that both the acclaim and Rodriguez’s nomination for a Golden Globe “salvaged” the show and brought it back to the 0.6 demo rating the pilot was sniffing at. But with a lot of shows in the business, viewers jump off the train in the long run, and JANE THE VIRGIN was not a stranger to that usual phenomenon. Four of the last five episodes danced around 1.03 and 1.06 million viewers (that alone sounds like a miracle), and the season finale could only managed to land above the season average with a slight margin. Still, the acclaim and Golden Globe sent the show to the next season.

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