Ratings Archive: CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Season 1)

crazy-ex-girlfriend-s1-logoIn 2015, Rebecca Bunch wanted you to know that she planned to change her life and life a better one on the West Coast, because the New York lawyer life brought her all kinds of depression. With that, born was the musical comedy-drama starring Rachel Bloom, who took home the second Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy for a The CW show, after Gina Rodriguez managed to do the same just the year prior. There is proof that The CW shows can win Golden Globes after all. On TV though, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND was always something of a niche. Originally developed as a half-hour for Showtime, the blown up, toned-down version of Rebecca’s life and tribulations was nothing for everyone. As expected, the show started off with dismal ratings, even for The CW standards. But the network was holding onto the show, trusting its creators and writers, and out came a Golden Globe, together with all the universal acclaim the show got throughout the season.

In a way, the acclaim and the Golden Globe kept CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND from crashing and burning. The third episode of the season had the lowest viewership number, and the show managed six times to get more viewers than the pilot episode, meaning the show was being discovered and watched. And when the show hit a 0.4 rating in the target demo in February 2016, there was hope that a break upwards is possible. Sure, it didn’t come, but the show also didn’t even think about tanking after that. Statistically speaking, the show’s ratings and viewership numbers couldn’t have been more stable and solid – the viewership numbers was higher than the season average in ten cases (in eight cases, it was lower). And that says a lot about a niche show everyone was expecting to flop after the first trailer arrived after the 2015 Upfronts.

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